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"We reduce art to its simplest expression, which is love"

Andre Breton

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James Sebor with dog in art studioLike so many of us, James Sebor grew up with a third parent - television. Television is, by its very nature, a surreal world. And to the fertile mind of a naturally creative child, unfettered by adult perceptions, it's a world of limitless possibilities. Aside from early TV exposure to artists like Max Fletcher and Chuck Jones, James has been influenced by artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Rene’ Magritte, Thomas Hart Benton and others. He studied at New York's School of Visual Arts and then on a full scholarship he obtained a BA from Southampton College. Early on he was a prize winner in an international art competition held at the Pyramid gallery in NYC. He was juried into the Parrish art Museum and he had a showing at the Peri Renneth gallery in Southampton. He then left Long Island for California. There, in Oceanside, he found the closest thing to an artist's "heaven on earth," a studio over a pizza parlor. He worked there for 3 years, appeared in two shows and further developed his vision as an artist. Today, he's living and working on Shelter Island NY, and married to a psychologist. His work has been published in books and magazines (Cover LI PULSE May 2008) and he has been invited to participate in two (2003 and 2006) international Surrealist Exhibitions.


My art is surreal and figurative expressed through subconscious story telling. All of my work embodies a sense of mystery. What will happen next? What am I looking at? What does it mean? As in life, if the comprehension of conscious imagery melded with the mysterious subconscious were that simple to explain it would no longer provoke our minds. If I don't have an idea in my head I'll scan through old newspapers, photos etc... until I find something that appeals to me. Then I'll either paint what I see or reinterpret it through experimentation and intuitive play. I primarily use acrylics on canvas or wood panel applied with a paint brush, paint marker or airbrush.


Sea Boar Creations Online Gallery 2008-2015 The open Gallery Northport, NY 2008 Phoenix Fine Art Gallery Bellport, NY 2008 International Surrealist Show Spencer, Iowa 2006 International Surrealist Show Bowling Green, Ohio 2003 The Echo Gallery Chicago, Il 2003 The Bellport Lane Gallery Bellport, NY 2000 A.D.C. Gallery Bridgehampton, NY 1999 Painters Brookhaven, NY 1999 The Parish Museum Southampton, NY 1994 Studio 100 Oceanside, CA 1993 Leucadia Art Gallery Leucadia, CA 1990-92 The Pyramid Gallery New York, NY 1990 The Peri Reneth Gallery Southampton, NY 1988 Marcelle Gallery Southampton, NY 1988


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